Future. Made in Europe.

What is Volt?

Volt Croatia is a part of the fast-growing political movement Volt Europa with more than 24.000 mainly young people that stand up for new politics and new way of leading and working in politics (Politics 2.0).

Volt is active in 30 European countries as a party or as an association. You can find our members in the European, Dutch and Bulgarian parliament. And in over 100 city councils in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Sweden.

Our goal is to achieve real reforms in cooperation with all of you, who really care about Croatia and other countries in Europe.   

Membership in Volt it not necessary. Volt offers a lot of possibilities of participation even without Volt membership. In our opinion politics is about creating the future and everybody should participate.

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Do you want to know what makes Volt different from all other political parties? Join us and find out!