Future. Made in Europe.

Join Volt. Join the Change!

Volt Croatia is a fast-growing political movement which will be a party participating in local, national and European elections in Croatia. We are a group of diverse and young minded people, but above all a group that is extraordinarily passionate about Croatia and Europe.

Volt Croatia is a part of the first pan-European party, which works closely together with other cross-border political parties on policy to strengthen Europe. In 29 countries we encourage citizens to rethink and participate in shaping policy at local, national and the European levels.

We are a movement, aiming to deliver real reforms through the contribution of those who truly care about the future of European countries: people like you. Are you interested to change Croatian history and contribute to a revolution in European politics? Join the Change!

Do you want to know what makes Volt different from all other political parties? Join us and find out!