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Are you tired from the old politics in Croatia and Europe?

We also!

Because of that we founded Volt for new, dynamic and exciting politics! We are young and full of energy! And we are not goint to leave Croatia or Europe to those, who don't love them and who are destroying them because of their own private interests.

Are you ready to join new, exciting and progressiv politics?

Then click the button below and be part of the change! Let's rock Croatia! Together!

What types of Membership are there?

Regular Member

Regular members have right to vote on Volt Croatia assemblies and Volt Europe General assemblies.

Every regular member is going to get access to Volts digital platform and Volt email adress.

With the access to Volt digital platform you are able to contact more than 24.000 Volt members all over Europe.

On the Volt digital platform you can find and to join lot of different groups too, according to your own interests.

In these groups groups you can participate and work on local, state or european level.

After application your local Volter is going to contact you a make an interview with you.

Than you can ask him everything you want to know. And you are going to get all of informations, that you need.

You can meet us by visiting our regularly online event "Meet and Greet" too.

You can join "Meet and Greet" without application and over there you are going to get lot of informations about Volt and the way, how Volt works.

Volunteer (Supporter)

As s volunteer you don't need no application.

But you can join all activities of Volt Croatia.

We are going to inform you about all of ours online meetings, policy prozess, promotions and demonstations.

And we are going to inform you about all of public online meetings of Volt Europa too.

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:

What are you waiting for? Join the change!

Let's rock Hrvatska! Together!